Understanding a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a collection of sales systems designed to generate more leads, convert more customers and improve profits. 

A Sales Funnel is the core approach within the digital marketing industry.

A sales funnel is designed to turn your practically unknown business into a high performing, outstanding earning machine. Here at Generate Business, we have studied and fine-tuned the buyers psychology that essentially directs visitors into paying customers. Through processes such as consumer awareness, interest and seamlessly influence their decision making. 

The customer journey.

One of the biggest and least understood parts of a sales funnel is understanding the customer journey. The customer journey is “the path that a customer takes in the steps along the way in the sales process.

The biggest marketing mistakes 90% of businesses make.

One of the biggest mistakes we see from businesses is spending too much money on Google Ads.

What should you NOT be doing?

You should not have a Google Ad directing traffic to your generic website home page with no offer and no call to action. This is not a sales funnel.

The formula to sales funnels success.

  • Attracting and click bait
  • Landing pages and lead magnets
  • Engagement and Automation
  • Nurturing 
  • Reaching out
  • Following up
  • Making offers
  • Closing the deal

Being passionate about what we do.


At Generate Business, we are passionate about helping business owners generate success and reach their full potential.

 Our aim is to help you optimise and maximise your business with marketing automations and sales funnel strategies.

This generates more traffic and leads, to increase your lead generation, growing more customers more sales and more profits.