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Tags & Segmentation Blog

by Steve Batey | 2020

Tags & Segmentation Blog

by Steve Batey | 2020

Hi, Steve here from generate business. And this is the last in the wee series of this whiteboard. And it’s a great way of explaining the sort of semi complex stuff and keeping it simple. So I wanted to talk about emails and deliverability and how to personalise. So some people think marketing automation is impersonal. But I believe you can make it really personal to the exact client, you want to email. And I touched on the last couple of videos about segmentation and tags and custom fields. So to keep it really personal for your client and to really appeal to the exact person you want to email is, if you’re emailing off a list, because maybe someone’s been to your website, their customer already, you can only email the ones you really want to by selecting what tag they’ve got, or what custom field they got, or it could be a date driven field.

Within custom fields, it can be date fields, so to only target who you want to, because I don’t believe in hounding people with mass emails, it’s not really the way to do business. But to really engage with someone in talk to the people you want to talk to. You can use the main list or if you only want to target existing customers, because remember, prospects are on this list as well. You can pick up which tag, which custom field or a multiple, they got tagged, A and B, they got a custom field, then you email that customer about that targeted one offer, you might have or that one, bit of a news that’s really relevant for them. So personalizing emails using automation.

It’s automated once you set it to go, you’ll know who’s clicked. Do you know if the if it’s an important item? Do you need to email the ones that didn’t open the email? Do you choose to send it to them a second time, seven days later, we may be the least busy because it is important. So that’s all to do with your obviously your automations your campaigns in a wet personalization. So hope that helps you understand why automation is good when you want to personalize the message to who you really want to target.

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