The Profit Builder Program

Important notice

We are launching the Pilot Profit Builder Program.

Discounted at 66%. For a limted time only. Limited spaces available.

Learn how to….

  • Get more leads, conversions, sales and profits
  • Build your own automated traffic generating machine
  • Create a nurturing sales funnel to attract and convert customers

What is the PROFIT BUILDER program?

The Profit Builder program is an easy to learn group workshop that teaches you to build your own sales funnel through automations so you can implement it into your own business. 

It is a do it yourself plan, with our assistance to start.

The workshop includes all the templates, worksheets, tools and automations needed to make it easy for you. We help you customise the templates and automations, then help you implement them.

You come away with a working sales funnel.

Who is this program for…

The Profit Builder Program is for business owners who have aspirations and goals to build and grow faster. For those who want more consistent inbound traffic, leads and sales on autopilot.

Our hands on program is aimed at Tradies, Businesses in the Service sector, Professionals and other simlilar SME’s. Where you are a DIY marketer (or you may have a web-guy doing your website and Ads).

Upon completion your business will have your first automated sales funnel up and running, then sit back and watch the magic happen!

Expected outcome….

Follow our Profit Builder program and you will come away with your own working sales funnel with lead enerating click bait, nurturing landing pages and working marketing automations.Have campaigns working for you to convert leads to sales week after week on auto pilot.

What we cover on our course

First, we cover the basic theory, so that you understand what and why we are doing what we do then we get into the first steps. 


Phase 1 – Marketing Research

Step 1 – Understand & research your competitors marketing

Step 2 – Know your own marketing metrics

Step 3 – Understand and learn more about your ‘customers  persona’

Phase 2 – Strategy – Offers, Content, Tactics & Planning

Module 4 – Develop your strategy and offers

Module 5 – Lead magnets and clickbait

Module 6 – Content and headline design

Module 7 – Automation and nurture plan

Module 8 – Sales conversion plan

PHASE 3 – Funnel Implementation

Module 9 – Landing page and adverts

Module 10 – Automations, nurture and sales process put in place

Phase 4 – Monitoring, Test and Fine Tune

Module 11 – Monitor progress

Module 12 – Make adjustments to funnel

Timeframes and Commitment 


We cover the first 10 Steps over 5 weeks, steps 9 and 10 are in week 5 as the implementation phase

Each week the workshop sessions will take about 2 hours, with some ‘homework’ that should take you no more than an hour to complete.

Steps 11 and 12 are fine tuning your working sales funnel.


After the Workshop 

You use your own ActiveCampaign Account to manage,  monitor progress, and add nurturing campaigns. Then you can duplicate the whole process yourself for any other funnels you want to build. 

You can learn ActiveCampiagn at your own pace.


What else is included

ActiveCampaign Training Program – LIfetime access to ActiveCampaign with the ActiveMarketer, including templates, worksheets, tools and automations.


For the Profit Builder Program to work, you will need an ActiveCampaign Account as your Marketing Automation platform. These start from US$9 a month (depending on the plan and the number of contacts) 

Preferably a WordPress Website (but talk with us if you are using a different platform).

Do you want to talk about how we can help YOU and YOUR Business?

Being passionate about what we do.

At Generate Business, we are passionate about helping business owners generate success and reach their full potential.

 Our aim is to help you optimise and maximise your business with

marketing automations and sales funnel stratgies. 

This generates more traffic and leads, to increase your lead generation, growing more customersmore sales and more profits.