The Profit Builder Program

Who is the Profit Builder for?

The Profit Builder Program is suited to (but not limited to) business owners who are currently or have used GOOGLE ADs But NOT getting the ROI, the CLICKS, TRAFFIC, SALES and PROFITS you expect?

Maybe you see your opposition continuing to advertise and you’re questioning your return on investment (the ROI). We know Google ADs do work, but you need a better formula – A better way of doing things.

Me 3 Years Ago – I was probably in the exact same situation as you are now with one of my businesses – We were growing, but not as fast as I expected.  I found that I was missing a part of the marketing puzzle.  

I spent 100s of hours, I researched, I figured it out, and then I tested my findings.

I found a formula that worked for us, I could put in $100 and could get back $400. 

I then created the Profit Builder Program – A systemised way of generating way more leads, sales and profits from exactly the same ad spend.  

Now, I help other business owners do the same.

The Profit Builder Prodram is best suited to businesses already using Google Ads.

It will work best for businessnes in the service, trades or professionals (or similar) sector. It doesn’t matter if you are a DIY marketer or  you have marketing help, it will suit either.

So – if this sounds like you then

Please note – We only work with clients we truly believe we can really help and will benefit from this program. We want everyone we work with to be happy and more profitable.

Do you want to talk about how we can help YOU and YOUR Business?

What is the PROFIT BUILDER program?

The Profit Builder Program is an easy to learn and implement lead generation, sales conversion machine using affordable marketing automations and smart thinking.


Within the Profit Builder program – I developed The Invincibles Strategy™ This strategy will help you develop an unfair and unique selling advantage over your competitors and help you out market them, giving you better than average ROI so you can grow  faster.    

The Profit Builder System once implemented becomes your marketing and sales funnel system that brings leads into your business and converts them into profitable clients.

Expected outcome….

Follow our Profit Builder program and you will come away with your own working sales funnel with lead enerating click bait, nurturing landing pages and working marketing automations.Have campaigns working for you to convert leads to sales week after week on auto pilot.

What we cover

A Research Phase – Research and get a better understanding of your customers and what makes them buy. Study your opposition for both strengths and weaknesses, and then we look at your market research, this so we can better understand what has worked and what doesn’t. All this is so that together we can help you can learn what motivates customers to buy from you!


The Invincibles Phase  – We implement our “Invincibles Strategy” – This will give you an unfair and “Unique Selling Advantage” over your competitors. This includes Lead Magnets, Click Bait, Offers, Content, Automations and a working Sales Conversion plan.


Implementation Phase – Gets your sales funnel working, and we help you install the Invincibles Strategy learnings into Automations, and get your content working for you.  


Test & Monitoring Phase – Is all about monitoring, testing and fine tuning your working sales funnel.


Expected outcome….

You come away with a working sales funnel… and new customers week after week on Autopilot.







Timeframes and Commitment 

The Profit Builder Program will take 6 weeks from start to finish.

It is a Do With You Program – We work together on developing it with you.  



You will need an ActiveCampaign marketing automation account

These start from US$9 (NZ$14) a month (depending on the plan and the number of contacts in the system) 


After the Workshop 

You use your own ActiveCampaign account to manage, monitor progress, add nurturing and lead generating campaigns. Then you can duplicate the whole process yourself for any other sales funnels you want to build.


What else is included


ActiveCampaign Training Program – LIfetime access to ActiveCampaign training program from the ActiveMarketer and Generate Business, including templates, worksheets, tools and automations.


Lifetime Access to the G.B. – Business Generators private FaceBook Group

Do you want to talk about how we can help YOU and YOUR Business?

Being passionate about what we do.

At GenerateBusiness, we are passionate about helping business owners generate success and reach their full potential.

 Our aim is to help you optimise and maximise your business with marketing automations and sales funnel strategies.

This generates more traffic and leads, to increase your lead generation, growing more customers more sales and more profits.