Marketing Services

How our Marketing Services Work

We offer a range of Marketing Services in the areas below.

We need to be clear – if you already have good existing marketing people, we are quite happy to work in conjunction with your existing contacts as we help you in building and growing your business in our specialty of Marketing Automation & Funnels and ActiveCampaign.

Our Marketing Services are aimed at providing a service to Kiwi Business Builders customers who have not got their own trusted marketing partners/providers in these respective areas.

We also do work with Marketing and Digital Agencies in their specialist fields – We have a “No Touch Rule” where we will NEVER  approach your customers for any services, we stick to our expertise area of Marketing Automation & Funnels.

We only use trusted experts that we use to help us with our own businesses.

Our Marketing Services include:

Google Adwords & PPC Advertising

Google Ads is a key tool to help ambitious business owners grow their business and brands faster and compete with bigger incumbents in the market  –

Out maneuver your competition, especially when you add Automation to your Ads Funnel.

Want an Google AdWords expert you can trust?

One who considers every move on the Google Ads platform to help you grow leads for your business.

Someone who spends your money as wisely – as if it was his own money he was spending. Not like many others out in the marketplace.

Tom is our Secret Google Weapon

He is so well respected – he is a guest lecturer at Google’s only official New Zealand course! 

What is ironic is… That he is so good that he himself he does need to advertise or chase leads himself on Google!

All of his business comes from repeat business, or comes in as from referrals from existing customers and referrals.

Facebook Ads

Want an Facebook Ads expert you can trust ?

Facebook Paid Ads are a great way to market to people that aren’t actively looking for what your are selling, But by choosing “Interest Groups” and “Look a Like Audiences”, you can reach out via Facebook… and wella.. You have engagement.

Facebook is also great for re-marketing to customers or prospects where you have an  email address.

With the right Facebook Ads, you can get great returns in ROI and the ROAS  – Done well these can be huge.  But also saying that – There are also others that may as well burn money as they don’t get the formula right.


We know people who spend tens of thousands a month on ADs, and keep doing it month after month….  Why you may ask – It’s because  they keep getting great ROAS every time.

We can run your Facebook Ads as well as look after your Facebook Ads Manager.

If you are interested in discussing using or Marketing Services please make contact.

Copywriting & Content

Want Content and Copy that Sells?

Words tell a Story, Words convey a message that people buy into, Words SELL !

One of the best pieces of advice i learned earlier on was – One of the best things a business owner can do is get a Copywriter who understands “Direct Response Marketing”, one who can write copy that engages with your prospective clients, one who understands that engaging content is what keeps people reading and on your site, and then more convinced to BUY.

Many don’t realise the added value in having a professional Copywriter to provide great content that gets customers buying.

Our Copywriter has spent many years crafting his skills, He understands the value of telling an engaging story – And has experience in “Direct Response Copywriting” – an essential in these times.

Want to know more? Please talk with us about content for your business.


Google SEO 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and there is nothing really mystical about it.

You might have heard a lot about SEO and how it works but basically what it is is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google’s index.

Getting this right or wrong can be the difference between getting traffic to your website or not.  

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence across the Google platform, including Search and Maps.

Google My Business is critical for “Local Business and getting found. Especially on Google Maps and “Local Searches”

By verifying  your business information, you can both help customers find you and tell them the story of your business. You can learn to do this yourself or we can do this for you.

Website and Landing Page Design


The day of the Brochure Website is Dead, a Website needs to be a “Selling Tool”, it needs to be engaging.

A  Website needs to be “Responsive” – It’s a necessity nowdays that you use it to interact with your Customers, to Engage and have responders and have tracking turned on, So that you can see how engaged each site visitor is, and act accordingly.

Does yours website convey your message, your Story, and then – Does it have those responders neccessary that helps start the “Communication with your Prospect”

Want to talk over Your Website, – Get in Touch



Having the right images in your marketing is critical to portray the right messaging to your target market.

Weather it is Team Photos, your Premsises, or a Customer for a Testimonial.  

Maybe it is products, or your team providing a service having that “just right photo” can make or break that first impression.

We have some in both Auckland and Christchurch

Videographer & Video Production


Video is the quickest growing part of the internet, It gets more Engagment, It’s the responsiveness of talking directly to your customer.

A picture tells a thousand words…. But a Video takes it to the next level.

Whether it’s a… Talk to the Camera Video or a Customer Testimonial, Its more  believable than just the written word. 

Maybe look at getting an Explainer Video done by way of Whiteboard Animation or a Cartoon version.   Even Adults will watch a cartoon style video more than you think, especially when it’s a subject they are wanting to know or learn more about.

We have some in both Christchruch and Auckland. 

Business & Marketing Coach/Consultant



Steve our Big Chief has been working in the area of Business, as a Coach and Consult since 1999 as well as running his own businesses.  In the last 29 years, he has only worked for someone else for nine and half months. He eats and breathes Small and Medium business.

In this time he has been invlolved in helping many businesses with Marketing, Business Planning and Growth, Start-Ups, and Troubleshooting, Throughout and Production and has helped many business owners with their “Business Building”… and helping those owners achieve business goals. 

How it works with our trusted marketing service providers

and – Being up front

Some of our marketing services above are in house, others are supplied by our trusted specialist marketers. We use their marketing services – so you can trust them. 

At GenerateBusiness  we are up front with all our clients. Some of our experts pay us a small commission of what they charge clients.  The price you pay is the exactly the same as if you engaged with them yourself – there is no price loading at all. (This saves them marketing costs to gain new clients).

Want to engage with one of our marketing experts? Please contact the office and we can discuss your business needs and get the process started.