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Building successful businesses is my passion! I have been involved in helping to set up software and systems for over 3,000 New Zealand businesses; providing business coaching, marketing automation, and/or Point of Sale solutions.

My background as a business and marketing coach is a little unusual: with no formal marketing qualifications, but a vast amount of practical experience in the real world, as a business owner and entrepreneur.

I’ve seen other people’s businesses perform well, and how some failed simply because advice wasn’t sought about business fundamentals. It concerns me deeply to see businesses suffering a ‘slow death’, when the outcome could be so different: more sales, more profit, improved cash-flow, and the owner able to enjoy interests outside their business.

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I’ve only been an employee for nine months out of the last 26 years, when I was employed in the TV and Radio industries – gaining valuable knowledge about media, marketing strategy and advertising.

How it all began: I was entrepreneurial from a young age. I did two newspaper rounds, was a milk delivery boy and created a summer business selling my father’s homegrown tomatoes. At 16, I became a mobile DJ (it seemed flash at the time!).

Later I became a qualified Glazier. After a shoulder injury, instead of being the tradesman I suddenly had a business to run, with employees and contractors. This set me on a mission of learning how to run a business that would still succeed without me.

Working ON the business: I did course after course; business management, marketing, sales … I learnt how to read balance sheets, profit and loss statements. Soon my business was doing so well, I was asked to speak at some of the courses I had been attending. This started my journey of helping others to work on their business, not just in it.

Since then, I have established eight other businesses – including Kiwi Eftpos and Point of Sale Group, Entrepreneur Services, Limousine Co., and The Small Business Doctor (now Kiwi Business Builders Limited).

Life outside work: I’m a family person at heart and have coached children’s sports teams. In my younger years I loved playing football, softball and was a West Coast regional representative player in both. I’m passionate about cars and motorsports, especially Hot Rodding and Drag Racing, in which I compete. I mention these aspects of my life because I believe in balance: being a successful business person does not mean being tied to your business 24/7.

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Marketing Strategist 

Hi, i’m Charlie, my marketing journey began when I studied Business Management / Marketing at The University of Liverpool. Like every struggling student, alongside studying I had a part time job as a waitress. The Brunch Club was a newly opened city center brunch restaurant that turned into a fully stocked bar at night.

While working here I asked the owner if I could use his company to draft a Statement of Financial Position. After looking through the back end of the restaurant I realised money was going ‘missing’.

I made the owner aware (a builder with no business background), and he offered me the position of his assistant. I almost immediately took over running the business, I would study during the day and implement at night. After university he offered me a 10% share of the company, I ran all operations, including all marketing. We became highly profitable in 3 months.

So, I am now a marketing strategist with Generate business. I create funnels, marketing automations and strategies that help businesses like the Brunch Club grow.

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