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MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign Blog

by Steve Batey | 2020

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign Blog

by Steve Batey | 2020

Hi, Steve here from Generate Business, I want to talk about search intent, so have your potential customers got search intent and know to look for you, for what you’re offering. Now, if you’re a plumber and I’ve got a broken cylinder, they’re going to go to Google.

So my thing today is search intent VS non-search intent, either the customers are aware of the problem or they’re not. So they’re going to search on Google in most cases. So if you’re a trained professional service business offering services and someone’s got a broken water cylinder, a broken window, needs a divorce lawyer, they’re going to go search. But some businesses are aware and even our business itself to generate business. Some of our customers or potential customers are not aware they’ve got a problem.

They don’t know that their ads are bad. They don’t know they’ve got issues because they’re just not aware of it. So our ads are more on Facebook because our advertising makes them aware of the problem and shows the potential of getting more customers, more traffic, more profits from the services we offer. So search intent, Google, want to make the customer aware, Facebook ads. This other places to advertise, of course, but they’re the key ones, depending what market you’re in and that’s my tip for the day.

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