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What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation software solution. It allows you to create personalised, responsive emails, trigger emails and processes automatically. It also provides a CRM with lead scoring and the ability to automate your sales processes. ActiveCampaign helps you to turn leads into paying customers.

GenerateBusiness is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant.

The Four Parts of ActiveCampaign

Email Marketing

Email marketing with ActiveCampaign is all about sending good looking and effective emails to your contacts with the right content, at the right time. With the click of a button you can send content that is personalised and interactive.

Marketing Automation

Using ActiveCampaign for your marketing automation means that you can provide dynamic and timely content to your contacts. Marketing automation can take care of both your internal and external processes.

Sales and CRM

ActiveCampaign provides you with a sales CRM with the ability to automate your sales processes and manage your contacts with lead scoring and sales pipelines. The mobile app can help keep you up to date with how a sale is going.


You can use ActiveCampaign to reach your contacts no matter where they are, messaging allows you to operate across multiple platforms. Reach your contacts via email, text, Facebook Custom Audiences and site messages.

Email Marketing


With ActiveCampaign it is easy to make great looking emails for mobile and desktop. Take advantage of ActiveCampaign’s pre-made email templates or create your own. Simply drag and drop the elements that you want and add your text and images. Your emails can become automatically personalised with the click of a button – ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to personalise your emails with any contact information that you have.

Using ActiveCampaign allows you to send out a number of different types of email:

  • Broadcast emails
  • Triggered emails
  • Targeted emails
  • Email autoresponders
  • Email funnels
  • Scheduled emails


Segmentation and Dynamic Content

ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to segment and target your email campaigns to exactly the right people. Send contacts emails based on their interests, interactions with your business, the products they have purchased, visits to your website, location, dates and more.

You can further personalise your emails by using dynamic content. Content that changes depending on who you are targeting. Using dynamic content allows you to change your text, images, calls to action and pull up to date information from RSS feeds and URLS depending on the needs of your contact.

Subscription Forms

Use ActiveCampaign’s subscription forms on your website to capture contact information. The form builder provides a quick and easy way for you to create customised forms. You can choose from four types: Inline Form, Floating Box, Modal Pop-up and Floating Bar. ActiveCampaign’s forms can also trigger actions in your system. Use them to start an automation, add a tag, notify your team and add your contacts to lists or deals.


Split Testing

ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to split test your email campaigns, send out multiple variations of an email and see which one gets the best results. You can compare up to five different emails at one time – not just A/B testing but up to A/B/C/D/E testing. You can test your: email subject lines, email content, sent from information, images and calls to action.


Marketing Automation

Use ActiveCampaign to automate your business’s marketing and sales processes. Using automations means that you can have a sequence of actions that interact externally with your contacts and internally with your team members to get things done. You can use ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation system to automate just about anything in your business, your imagination is your limit.

 Creating automations is simple using ActiveCampaign’s drag and drop builder.

Site Tracking

ActiveCampaign’s site tracking allows you to track of contacts that have been on your website and on what pages. This lets you know what products, services and information your contacts are interested in, giving you the ability to send them customised follow up at the right time. The information that you collect from using site tracking can be used to segment your contacts and to trigger automations.


Event Tracking

Event tracking allows you to keep track of all actions and interactions your contacts are making with your business. Use event tracking to track email opens, button clicks, logins, video views and more. Use this data to send relevant and timely content back to your contacts.


Automation Goals

Use automation goal tracking to see what stage your contacts are in your sales funnels, how they are moving through them and where people drop off. Setting specific automation goals means that you can keep track of how many of your contacts are meeting your goals and the actions they take to get there and use this information to pull your contacts back into the right stage of the sales funnel.

Automation Map

ActiveCampaign’s automation map lets you see your automations and how they connect to each other. Seeing how everything fits together lets you see where you need to make changes and also where there are new automation opportunities. Take advantage of the map page to see all of your automations and their status, use map links to see which automations are connected and mapshelf to see reports on the performance of each automation.



Attribution allows you to track where your contacts have come from to reach your website – did they come from social media, SEO, pay per click advertising, Facebook ads, email or somewhere else. This gives you information on what platforms convert better and focus your marketing and advertising where it will get the best return. You can also customise the content a contact receives based on which source they came from.


Split Action

Using split action in ActiveCampaign means that you can split your automations to make them more flexible and to test what works, without having to make multiple different automations. In ActiveCampaign you can split test anything that you can automate including but not limited to: wait times, message content, text message, number of emails, site messages and sales team follow up. You can also split your automations based on time or number of conversions meaning that you can have limited amount and limited time offers.

Sales And CRM


Use ActiveCampaign’s CRM for a truly sales and automation focused experience. Using automation in yours sales process helps you to save time and ensures that your contacts are always followed up. It can also be use for internal tasks such as sending reminders, notifying staff when an enquiry is made and a lead is hot.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring lets you know who your most qualified leads are and when to follow them up. Your contact’s score change depending on how they interact with your business, gaining points for actions that show they are interested and engaged and losing points for actions that show they are disinterested or unengaged. You can assign lead scoring values to anything in ActiveCampaign or your sales and marketing process including but not limited to: when a contact opens an email, click a link, visits particular pages on your website, makes a purchased or abandons a cart. Once you have assigned the lead scoring values ActiveCampaign can automatically notify you, start automations or start a deal when a contact gains enough points.

Gmail Extension

Using the ActiveCampaign Gmail extension allows for a smooth integration between ActiveCampaign and Gmail. With the extension you can access all of your ActiveCampaign contacts from inside your Gmail account, add contacts to automations, add and remove contacts, custom fields and deals and see when a contact has opened your emails.

Mobile App

Reach your contacts on the go with ActiveCampaign’s mobile CRM app for IOS. The app provides everything you need to manage your CRM and sales process from your mobile. You can: search for, add and update contacts, track and assign tasks, manage and create deals and call and email contacts.

Machine Learning

ActiveCampaign’s machine learning uses your data to help you make better decisions in your business. Let machine learning collect data and answer questions such as: the likelyhood of a lead becoming a sale and what time is best to send out emails.

Win Probability

ActiveCampaign’s win probability helps you to know which deals you are more likely to win, allowing you to focus on those most likely to purchase.


ActiveCampaign’s messaging allows you to reach your contacts a number of different ways.



Get in touch with your contacts on to go. Use ActiveCampaign to send automated personalised text messages. (SMS is not yet available on ActiveCampaign in New Zealand).



Facebook Custom Audiences

ActiveCampaign gives you the ability to add your contacts to custom Facebook audiences for advertising through your automations. Reach your contact’s at the right time, with the right advertising by showing them a Facebook ad customised to their needs and relevant to how they have been interacting with you.


Site Messages

Create and send personalised pop up messages on your website to your contacts using ActiveCampaign. These messages can be customised to the information that you have about each individual contact. They can also be part of your automations and triggered at exactly the right time in your sales process. Use them to encourage interaction with your business by including special offers and calls to action.

ActiveCampaign Works With Your Software

ActiveCampaign integrates with over 200 apps and software platforms. The integrations cover a wide range of platforms including but not limited to: social media, ecommerce stores, payments, advertising and accounting software. The integrations occur through either: direct integration, deep data integration or a third party software.

Some of our favourites include: Facebook, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google Analytics and MindBody.

With an open API key, if ActiveCampaign doesn’t currently integrate with the software you are using a programmer can develop a custom integration for you.

If you are looking for Custom Integration Solutions from ActiveCampaign to other software not already on the list. 

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