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Google Box Blog

by Steve Batey | 2020

Google Box Blog

by Steve Batey | 2020

Hi, I’m Steve from generate business. And today I want to talk about Google ads. This box represents my Google my Google box, I call it. And we’re going to invest into Google. And I’m going to show you how Google Ads work. If you’ve got a website, well you’ve got to have a website nowadays. I want to just go back in time, four years ago, as a copy of the yellow pages, and this guy had made maybe a new business, I’m not sure. But he took out a full page spread. And Yellow Pages just four years ago, now 15 years ago, you might do that, but not now. You have to be investing money into Google, instead of yellow pages. How long is the last time you looked in yellow pages yourself for something? So I want to talk about investing in Google. So I take $100 of my money from my business, and I’m visiting Google ads. And for that $100 or $3, a click, like 33 clicks, or $3.

Yeah, almost 33 clicks, we get three good quality leads. And from those leads, we get one sale will be three engagements we’ve made an offer, we get one sale. And in this example, we’ve got a cheque that arrives for $1600, for sale in this example, for a cash register. Now, out of the $1600 sale comes $400 profit. So we put $100 into Google, we got 400 out, that’s how Google Ads work. If you’ve got SEO, that’s good. But if you want to get to the top of Google rankings, or be at the top of the page, then you’ve really got to pay per click to get to the top to get the sales to grow quickly.

SEO is a great thing but people’s attention span is less, they’ll just go to the top few listings and to invest in Google, if you want to talk about how that relates to a sales funnel. Because having good wording i your ad title and that click to get the clickbait having a landing page. So I would not suggest in this time that you will invest money in an ad that goes to your homepage, you really need a dedicated landing page for the product you’re offering. Because that will get engagement more. And you can make an offer for what you’re trying to sell. If you haven’t got some sort of offer or engagement on the page you’re going through from your Google ad. You know, I believe you’re wasting some money, you’re probably burning some of these things.

So have your Google ad was really good, well worded clickbait going to a landing page of the product you’re selling. And if you need to have landing pages, because you’ve got 10 different product offerings when you do so try and get the name and email by engagement with them or making some sort of offer, then you can offer them the actual real offer on the thank you page, you then have the email address, you can nurture them. I’m not talking about hounding people on talking nurturing someone who showed search and team to go looking for you on Google. Then you have sales engagement, you convert so many of them, and you’ve got a customer and profits. And then you can retain that customer and look after them. Because each customer has a lifetime value of walking after that customer. Not many people are just a one off sale. So if you want to talk about how Google ads and we don’t get paid for Google, Google pays us nothing. But it is a way to enable the sales funnel to happen in talk to generate business coming talk to us. We do offer a free 30 minute strategy call to discuss how we could help you in your business. And we’ve got a way of teaching you sales funnels we call the profit builder program. You can check it on one of our other pages. Talk to you later.

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