Training Program

Free ActiveCampaign Training with Generate Business and the Active Marketer

Make marketing automation & ActiveCampaign easy to learn with our free foundations Active Marketer courses…

  • Small bite sized trainings
  • One subject or sub subject per video
  • Easy user guide & checklists
  • Tagging guide for easier segmentation

“Any software takes some learning – But this just makes things so easy!”

We have partnered up with what we believe is the best ActiveCampaign training program.


The Active Marketer Training Program is US$37 

This great deal also includes added resources –

templates, our own checklist and user notes.

Q & A  – Doesn’t ActiveCampaign have their own training and it’s all on their website?

YES – BUT, Active marketer has broken the training down into easy to digest segments, and its FREE. Then you also get the advanced training FREE when you sign up through us. 

You pay no more than if you signed up direct with ActiveCampaign  

Why is the training better you ask? 

Our program is not hour long videos like most of the others with multiple subjects mixed into one section.  

We have separate ActiveCampaign subjects broken down into bite sized chuncks. Each video having a subject on their own.  

With one subject per video, all explained in simple easy bite size chunks, this makes learning so easy. Especially, if you need to review something later on – you get to watch the exact part you need.

Bonus – You get LIFETIME ACCESS with us.

Get your Advanced AC Training for FREE

when you sign up your ActiveCampaign Account through GenerateBusiness.

Being passionate about what we do.

At Generate Business, we are passionate about helping business owners generate success and reach their full potential.

 Our aim is to help you optimise and maximise your business with marketing automations and sales funnel strategies. 

This generates more traffic and leads, to increase your lead generation, growing more customers more sales and more profits.