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ActiveCampaign plan and sign up

Have you decided on ActiveCampaign but wonder what’s next?

Maybe you just want to talk over your options before you sign up?


What plan should I choose?

How do I get started?

How will I be trained?

What support options are there?

The best solution to your questions is to contact us for a quick chat.

We do this over Zoom, or alternativley on the phone.

Prior to our call we will send over a Q&A form so we can better assist you.


ActiveCampaign training programme

GenerateBusiness has partnered up with ActiveMarkerter so we can provide the best ActiveCampaign automation training in the market.

There’s a reason why so many companies use ActiveMarketer course as their in-house training to master ActiveCampaigns automated marketing.  The training is a series made up of bite size chunked videos broken down into modules. As each video only covers one subject it’s simple to review an area that you don’t feel 100% confident with yet.

The easy to follow vidoes has Barry guiding you through the whole process, with the necassary information and clear examples. We highly recommend you follow his tutorials as they are our first choice in learning ActiveCampaign.


The best part, you get lifetime access to this training series for FREE when you sign up through GenerateBusiness.

Joining ActiveCampaign through us also gets you unlimited access to added resources including ActiveMarketers tagging guides, templates and our own notes to make your journey even smoother.

See below for a training video by Barry.

Remember – you get lifetime access to this training series for FREE when you sign up through GenerateBusiness.

If you are an existing ActiveCampaign user and want access to our ActiveMarketer course then you can purchase separately.

ActiveCampaign on-boarding

We set up your ActiveCampaign account with your chosen plan as a free service when you sign up through us.

We can help if you are transitioning from MailChimp or AWeber email programs, or if you just want hands on help to get set up faster than doing it yourself.

ActiveCampaign Custom Integrations


ActiveCampaign links natively to, or via Zapier to over 200 Apps either one way, two way.

But with its great API, you can also have a Custom Integration written to link to many other software solutions.

Recently we have had written a custom integration from ActiveCampaign to the XERO subsidiary WorkflowMax or also commonly referred to as “XERO Practice Manager” as used by many Accountants in NZ, Australia and USA.

This has been a great integration as it allows the customer to pull over 30 fields from WorkflowMax into ActiveCampaign Acct and use these in AC’s Custom Fields, this then allows the customer to segmentation marketing or newsletter messaging to each segment of their customers database by Industry type, or by what they had already purchased, or the status of the customer.    This makes re-marketing to those segments a very easy proposition

If you are looking for Custom Integration Solutions from ActiveCampaign to other software not already on the list.

Being passionate about what we do.

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 Our aim is to help you optimise and maximise your business with marketing automations and sales funnel strategies.

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